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What we do

North Pier Search helps fiduciaries of all kinds ensure that their team of trusted partners is the best it can be. Consultants, Outsourced Chief Investment Officers (OCIO), actuaries, administrators and record keepers all must be reviewed on a regular basis, whether there is a high level of satisfaction or not. Your constituents expect it and regulators require it. That's where North Pier comes in. We run service provider request for proposals (RFPs) and conduct due diligence and negotiations for fiduciaries to help them validate or improve their investment programs, leaving them confident in their providers - old or new. How we can help you.

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Who we serve

We work with fiduciaries who want to mitigate oversight-liability while achieving excellence in running their retirement plans, endowments, foundations, hospital funds or family office portfolios. North Pier's search services are invaluable for those shifting from a consulting relationship to a discretionary 3(38) or OCIO arrangement. For terminating defined benefit plans, North Pier also provides bid and due diligence services for 95-1 compliant annuity placement. Our typical client is either conducting a routine check of the market, reevaluating a longstanding incumbent, or looking to replace a failing provider. Learn more about us.

Who we are

North Pier is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor founded in 2008. Our firm is full of recognized industry leaders and experts. Managing Partner, Jim Scheinberg’s experience as an independent expert for the U.S. DOL evidences our expertise in understanding and complying with government regulations. Our other founding partner, Brant Griffin, is an arbitrator for FINRA, a securities industry regulator. And Greg Metzger, our Senior Search Consultant, pioneered the ERISA search practice for Watson Wyatt in the 1990s. We are not just competent experts, we are innovators. Learn more about us

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Benefits of hiring a search consultant


Don't face the enormous time commitment involved in running an RFP (often well in excess of 100 hours).

We cut client involvement down to crucial impact points, typically resulting just 10-15 hours of client involvement leading up to finalist presentations.


North Pier is a pioneer in our ability to serve in a fiduciary capacity during your provider search process; our clients are afforded additional liability shielding by our status, which assures our unwavering objectivity.

For retirement OCIO and 3(38) advisor searches, our process helps meet the Dept. of Labor requirements.


Our knowledge of the industry's most competitive relationships will ensure that you are seeing the most appropriate choices in the marketplace.

Due to our experience and real-time knowledge of market norms, we are able to help negotiate fees and services to their most competitive levels.


North Pier's consultants each have more than 20 years of experience. You benefit from our wisdom in assembling great teams.

As independent experts for the Dept. of Labor, you can be assured we bring a forensic approach to due diligence and governance. Our clients value our guidance.

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