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Commonfund's Investment Stewardship Academy

June 24 – 28, 2019 at the Yale School of Management.
Jim Scheinberg will be speaking on "Setting a new standard in delegation".

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401(k) Fridays Podcast: Duty to monitor.

May 24, 2019 Jim Scheinberg returned to the 401(k) Friday podcast with host Rick Unser. They discuss a fiduciary's duty to monitor and the right mindset fiduciaries should have toward their responsibilities.

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401k fridays

Enterprise Radio Podcast: "An Overview of the Outsourced-CIO Trend"

Listen to our Managing Partner/CIO, Jim Scheinberg's latest interview with Enterprise Podcast Network's Eric Dye on "An Overview of the Outsourced-CIO Trend"

Enterprise Radio Podcast

Enterprise Radio Podcast

Discretionary Investment Management Industry Working Group on Data Standards

North Pier is hosting a Discretionary Investment Management Industry Working Group on Monday December 10th, at the UCLA Meyer & Renee Luskin Conference Center.


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FRA: OCIO Investment Outsourcing Summit

The 8th Annual OCIO Investment Outsourcing Summit.
Princeton Club New York.

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OCIO Investment Oursourcing Summit

The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC)
2018 Fall Policy Conference

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Jim Scheinberg spoke at The ERISA Industry Committee's ERIC 2018 Fall Policy Conference. Recently, ERIC has proposed new legislation to combat frivolous 401(k) fund & fee litigation, arguing that the frivolous class action suits are harming retirement savings in America. The panel discussed the impact of litigation on changes in fund selection and explored how the lack of innovation is harming retirement security.

Thinking about evaluating your company's 401k advisor? What finance leaders need to know.
A recent talk hosted by CFO Magazine.

401(k) Fridays Podcast

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Our Managing Partner, Jim Scheinberg, was the featured guest on The 401(k) Fridays Podcast. They talked about Jim's experience as a fiduciary industry expert witness and his service as an independent expert for the for the US Department of Labor.

"...We kick things off addressing what role a 401(k) expert witness actually plays during a lawsuit. Then we quickly begin to stress test some fiduciary messages you might have heard such as “Your process is your protection”, then we delve into whether having the right fiduciary mindset is relevant and while retirement plan fiduciaries are not expected to predict the future, could having some foresight be important to your fiduciary process. Hopefully you will find our conversation offers some unique and timely perspectives on these and a few other important trends in 401(k) or ERISA litigation that you can bring with you to your next retirement plan committee meeting!" - 401(k) Fridays